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Doggie Day Care
Dog Walking

Overnight Boarding

Rates start at $40 per day, (each additional dog $20)

• Price is based on a 24-hr time period from time of drop-off
• No extra charge for large-breed dogs
• No additional "per day fee" for holiday stays
Discounts MAY apply based on length of stay.

With Dog Walkin’ with Denise, we’ll bring your dog into our home. This is a great option for those who want to avoid the negative health risks and anxiety issues for your dog that come with a traditional pet hotel or kennel.

When your dog is boarded with Dog Walkin’ with Denise there are NO kennels or limitations! Your dog can sit with us while we watch TV, play in the doggy pool, relax in the sun (or shade), sleep in our bedroom, or just lie around where ever and whenever they’d like.

Dogs MUST be completely socialized with other dogs as we here at Dog Walkin’ with Denise have our own brood also!

All dogs:
• MUST be pre-qualified for social compatibility.
• MUST be potty trained,
otherwise there will be an additional charge for doggy diapers.
(*A $50 cleaning fee will apply for all dogs not completely potty trained)

• All pets must be flea and illness free.
• All pets must be spayed or neutered.
• All pets must be vaccinated.

• Required Vaccines for your dog:
• Rabies (12 mo., 36 mo.)
• Bordatella (within last 6 mo.)
• DHL-P-P (within last 12-mo.)

Space is limited and reservations are a must!

Cancellation Fee:
Fee will be waived with 48-hour prior notice for petsitting/boarding. There is no fee for a 24-hour cancellation notice for dog walking. All other cancellations will incur a $20 service fee. Monthly discounts apply only when payment is received in full by the first day of the month for which service is to be provided. All payments are due in full at the time services are rendered, unless otherwise arranged beforehand. A late payment fee of $10 will apply for each week that payment late.